Texas Woman Found NOT GUILTY Of Cutting Off Her Boyfriends Head By Reason Of Extreme Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (EPMS)


Humble, Texas- Sandra Edwards (31) will soon be a free woman after having been found not guilty for the murder and cannibalization of her long time boyfriend, Chance Willows by reason of extreme pre-menstrual syndrome (EPMS). The jury came back with the verdict after 2 weeks of deliberation to a stunned courtroom. Prosecutors were in disagreement, but they ultimately respected the jury’s decision.

The physical evidence in the case was overwhelmingly against Sandra. But as the judge, jury and prosecutors found out, she was never going to deny that she in fact killed her boyfriend of 9 years, Chance Willows. On a Friday night during the summer of 2020, following an argument, Sandra stabbed Chance Willows to death while he lay sleeping in bed, beheading him in the process. After his head was removed, Sandra cut off a portion of his shoulder and made stew.

“We are shocked by the jury’s verdict, but we respect their right to their conclusion. We will release Ms. Edwards once her paper work has cleared my desk”, Harris County Deputy D.A. Henry VonFelt.

The defense claimed that the arguement that preceed Chance’s death, put undue stress on Sandra’s body causing on onset of extreme pre-menstrual syndrome (EPMS). EMPS is a phenomenon to most medical professionals in its origin, but it is heavily regarded as an extremely volatile medical condition where the female will experience dangerously high levels of extreme emotion, which can ultimately cause episodes of blind rage, rage when in this case led to the death and desecration of Chance Willows.

Because there is no precedent for a verdict of this sort, Sandra will actually walk free. She will become the first person ever acquitted by reason of EPMS. How she spends the rest of her life will be quite interesting. This case may end up re-shaping the course of the criminal justice system as we venture further into the 21st century.


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