Houston Man Denied Membership In The KKK Because They Were Not Sure Whether Or Not To Hate Him Based On The Color Of His Skin


Houston, TX- Jesse James Connaughton was denied entrance to the faction he’s wanted to join since a young lad. According to an official press release from the Ku Klux Klan; “We are unsure whether we should hate this man based on his skin. You may not be aware of this, but we judge people based on their skin tone and sexual preferences among other things. While we are not against tattoos, Mr. Connaughton’s tattoos cover up his skin too much and well, that’s pretty much the number one thing we look for in new members. If we cannot see the white of his skin, we cannot in good faith admit him to our hate club”.

A dejected Jesse James Connaughton, plans on removing his tattoos one at a time until the klan can get a good look at the skin underneath and then he plans on adding more tattoos at a later time. “Every since my Grandpappy taught me to hate, I’ve wanted to be in the klan. I had no idea my tattoos would keep me from my dream. I hope in time to remove enough of my tattoos that the klan can see my white skin. It would sure be a shame to have to continue to hate those different than me all by myself”.


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