High School Teacher Pregnant With Twins From 2 Different Students


Phoenix, AZ- Shelia Quiroz (32) is facing 2 charges of statutory rape after DNA testing proved she is pregnant with not one, but two babies fathered by 2 of her students. Her predicament is due in part to hyper-ovulation. Hyper-ovulation is where more than one egg is released from the ovaries at a time. Each of her two fertile eggs were fertilized within a week of each other doctors surmise.

Long story short, Shelia Quiroz had unprotected sex with 2 underage students within the same week. Each act of unprotected sex resulted in a pregnancy. The two pregnancies are now occurring simultaneously. The fetus’s are fraternal twins. This is a rare and uncommon occurrence, but it is possible.

Students began to gossip on social media about the origin of Ms. Quiroz’s babies. Several posts made mention of 2 boys whom claimed to have had sex with her. As is routine in any possible teacher/student affair, the authorities were called in to interview all parties. The two students and their teacher were not fully cooperative in their interviews with police. A judge ordered a paternity test be conducted and within 2 weeks the results were ready.

Both boys were each responsible for one of their teachers pregnancies. Due to their ages, their information will not be released. Ms. Quiroz is in Maricopa County Jail where she awaits trail for statutory rape. She faces up to 20 years in a federal prison.


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