Woman Sues Ex-Husband For $4.5 Million Over Her Inability To Orgasm With Other Men. Claims His “Devil D*ck” Ruined Her.


Jessica Strauss (31) of Newbury Park California is in the middle of a bitter civil suit with her ex-husband Ronnie Strauss. Jessica claims that Ronnie has ruined all her future sexual relationships. “He was the only man ever capable of getting me off. Now that we are divorced and I have been dating again, I come to find out that no one else can get me off. His devil dick ruined me being able to have an orgasm with any other man”, a tearful Jessica said.

Ronnie wore a mischievous smirk in the courtroom during Jessica’s gut wrenching testimony, “Listen man, she cheated on me over and over again throughout our marriage. Am I happy she can’t orgasm without me? Yes. Do I have any sympathy for her? No.”, said a confident Ronnie Strauss.

Jessica is seeking damages in excess of 4 million dollars, “Imagine you could never have an orgasm again your honor. I cannot think of anything but 4.5 million dollars that can help me forget about this terrible injustice caused by my ex-husband”, said Jessica.

The trail is expected to last two more weeks with pundit’s unsure how this lawsuit will unfold, “Ruining someone’s ability to have sexual gratification is not an injustice that should go unanswered. I just don’t know how credible the plaintiff’s testimony really is.”, said legal analyst Greg Linn.

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