Teacher Causes A Scene And Gets Arrested After Being Told Her “Let’s Go Brandon” Bumper Sticker Had To Go Or She Would Be Fired


Bakersfiled, CA- Deborah Billings (47) was a popular 3rd grade teacher at Greenlawn Elementary in Bakersfield California. She had been a teacher at that particular school her entire teaching career. For 25 years, Mrs. Billings helped teach the youth of Bakersfield. She was and is adored by many students and parents alike.

The parent of a new student originally from Berkeley California, noticed a “Let’s Go Brandon” bumper sticker on a car in the staff parking lot. That car belonged to Mrs. Billings. That particular parent found herself very offended by the sticker and raised enough of a fuss with the school board that they eventually sided with her and gave an ultimatum to Mrs. Billings, that she could either remove the sticker or find herself a new career.

“Our teachers deserve better than what they are given”, Local Bakersfield resident Perry Lyons.

The school board decided that teachers should not openly display politically motivated phrases that may offend students and or parents. “We want our schools to be a neutral environment when it comes to politics. In California we want our children to discover their political leanings on their own and not to be swayed by propaganda on the back of teachers cars”, said a letter sent by the school board.

Deborah Billings ended up being arrested for causing a scene after being told she was fired if she did not remove the bumper sticker. “If Mrs. Billings would have quietly walked to her vehicle and drove off, she could be at home now, but she decided to hold an impromptu political rally of sorts and well, that just can’t happen here”, a representative for the Bakersfield Police Department told us.

Supporters of Mrs. Billings are collecting donations for her legal fund.


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