Man Who Stopped Washing His Hands To Build Natural Immunity To COVID-19, Dies Due To Infected Right Hand


Wayne Billings (45) of Houston Texas passed away late last night at Herman Memorial Hospital. His right hand had become infected, the infection spread throughout his body causing sepsis, which ultimately led to his passing. Wayne’s hand became infected some months ago when he cut his hand on a rusty knife. Even as his hand began to swell and hurt, he would not wash it believing that he was now building the immunities he had hoped for. He continued to believe that if did not wash his hands, that his body would build up its natural immunity faster than if he washed them with antibacterial soap.

Wayne was of the thinking that getting dirty and playing outside as a kid is how many people built their natural immunities years ago and now that kids don’t drink from hoses or eat dirt that their immune systems become soft. “Wayne didn’t believe in no vaccine. He did have a healthy fear of COVID-19 though. The idea to stop washing his hands came when he read a Facebook post claiming people needed to build up their own natural immunity to combat COVID-19 and not to ‘trust the liberal media’. He even went as far as to stop washing after evacuating his bowels. Unfortunately for Wayne he took too much credence in what people wrote online and died as a result.”, said Wayne’s mother Hilda.

“More and more people are going to extreme lengths to circumvent getting vaccinated. You remember people taking Ivermectin, the horse medicine? Well, not washing your hands in an attempt to build an ‘Immunity’ is the same kind of junk science that led to people taking a pill intended solely for horses. I have no doubt that if he would have listened to the advice of trained professionals, that he would still be alive today”, Dr. Ash Patrinsky of Herman Memorial Hospital.

Hopefully Wayne’s passing can serve as a warning for others thinking of doing the same. Be careful what you read online, because it’s not always true.


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