Man Gets His 3rd Felony Strike After Stealing Ketchup Packets When He Was Told “No More ‘Free’ Ketchup” . He Now Faces 20 Years In Prison


Orlando, FL- Carter Anderson (29), was already walking a fine line between freedom and incarceration before he picked up his latest theft charge. A two time convicted felon, Anderson would face 20 years or more in prison if he broke the law again. Some may think the “3 Strikes” law too harsh and antiquated, probably none more so than Carter Anderson himself. But alas, Mr. Anderson has swung and missed for a 3rd time.

Carter was at a local McDonald’s enjoying some Bacon McDoubles and fries. He returned to the counter to ask for some extra ketchup and the cashier told him it would be a quarter for any additional packets. “Ok” said Anderson as he feigned returning to his seat to collect change, but as soon as the cashier turned her back, he reached over and grabbed a handful of ketchups and returned to his seat. Crystal, the cashier, saw out the corner of her eye what Carter Anderson had done, she was afraid of losing her job over lost inventory so she called the police.

Police didn’t take the whole situation seriously until they learned who Carter was and that the theft of ketchup would qualify as his 3rd strike. After a felony arrest, police took Carter Anderson to county lock-up. “He was told he must purchase the ketchup if he wanted more. Plain and simple. Once the employee told him that fact, the packets were no longer ‘free’ and his handful of packets absolutely meets the definition of theft. He knew what was on the line if he broke the law again. I have no sympathy for him or any criminals”, arresting officer Trevor Clemmings.

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