Man Caught Using His Hands To Manually Extract Semen From Neighbor’s Dog To Sell For Drug Money


Los Angeles, CA- Brad Cunnigham called police when he saw his neighbor sneaking around his backyard late Tuesday night. By the time authorities arrived, the situation had changed to something more nefarious. Scott Miles (29), a petty thief and habitual drug user, was the neighbor Brad saw crawling around his backyard late last night.

When police showed up and flashed their lights in Brad’s backyard, Scott Miles was fondling Brad’s Rottweiler. “Mr. Miles appeared to be trying to pleasure the dog with his hands. He would later tell us it was in an effort to extract semen from the purebred dog and that he was planning on selling the sperm to people looking to breed Rottweilers. 1oz. of this particular dogs semen sells for around $2,000. We imagine that the proceeds from the dog semen would end up as drug money for Mr. Miles”, LAPD Officer Trevors told us.

At the time of arrest, Scott had 10 1oz. containers in his pockets. “If Mr. Cunningham had not interrupted him, he may have abused the dog for several hours trying to fill all his containers”, said Officer Trevors.

Sexual assault on an animal is a rarely prosecuted offense in LA county. Because of the lack of precedent with these cases, the Deputy D.A. LA county will charge Scott Miles with attempted grand larceny because of the high value of the dog sperm, trespassing as well as animal cruelty charges will all be levied again Mr. Miles. He is looking at a combined sentence of 13 years if convicted on all charges. Mr. Miles’ attorney would not respond to our request for comment.


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