Man Burns Down The Home Of The Neighborhood Children Who Said His Beard Looks Like Pubic Hair


Midland, TX- Clyde Rollins (22) has been arrested for setting fire to his neighbor’s home. He would later tell authorities that the children who lived there would make fun of his beard incessantly. They would tell him it looks like “pubic hair” and that he must really be a “pussy” or “your beard looks like it belongs between a woman’s legs”.

On Sunday August 14th, Clyde set fire to the home while the family was away at church. He was caught on several different neighbors front door security camera’s going back and forth to his home and the scene of the crime.

While firefighters were busy putting the blaze out, police were knocking on doors around the neighborhood trying to collect information on what had happened. At one house the police were shown video footage that proved Clyde Rollins had set the fire.

The police began immediately looking for Clyde. They would not have to look very far. Like many criminals and fire bugs, Clyde was in the front row among the neighborhood spectators watching the fire. He was drug to the ground and placed under arrested without incident. He is looking at 15-20 years in prison for setting the fire. He does not at this moment plan on shaving his beard.


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