George Zimmerman Lost At Sea After Going Overboard On A Cruise Ship


Carnival Cruises has confirmed that George Zimmerman (38) went overboard one of their cruise ships off the coast of Mexico. “We had reports from several different passengers that a man went overboard during the night. It took us several hours to confirm this story. After conducting an audit of the people onboard, we discovered a passenger by the name of George Zimmerman had indeed gone missing and was presumed to be the person who had gone overboard.”, said a Carnival representative.

Whether or not a ship stops and searches for a man overboard is left up to the ship’s captain and in this case the captain chose not to search for the missing party. In fact, George Zimmerman was only reported missing by family members after they were unable to contact him for several days. Apparently all those aboard the ship decided that he was not worth searching for or even placing a phone call to alert his family.

As this took place in Mexican waters, Federales have also declared that they will not be investigating the incident either as they just “don’t care”. Psychologists believe the refusal of the entire ship full of people to mention anything about the situation is an example of “mob mentality”, but in this case the mob was unified with a single purpose of “good” in their words. “If trash falls off the ship, you let ocean sweep it away. That’s what we on board decided should happen with George”, said a passenger. So far the family of Zimmerman has set up a GoFundMe page and raised $13 that will help aid in his search.


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