Florida Man Caught Pleasing Himself With A Grapefruit At A Local YMCA


Orlando, FL- James Litchenson was caught by the janitor at the local YMCA masturbating with a grapefruit while watching the elderly woman in the therapy pool. The janitor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “I noticed a shower curtain movings when no one was supposed to be back there. When I went to investigate, that’s when I saw the man putting his penis in the fruit. He was watching the older woman with great enthusiasm while pleasing himself”.

The Authorities were called to investigate this sticky situation and arrested Lictchenson without any resistance. In his defense he said that “I didn’t think anyone could see me. Looking back on the incident even I can say it was not my finest hour”.

“Fortunately no one but the janitor bore witness to this disgusting act of self-fornication”, said police Captain Max Xanders

Litchenson is being released on bond pending his trail. He is to wear and ankle monitor and not to go anywhere near any YMCA.


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