Chelsea Clinton Seen Getting A Lap-dance From Her Lesbian Lover


New York, NY- Chelsea Clinton was working on a new book when she met Carlita Carolina at Minx, a strip club in Manhattan. Clinton’s book was to be an expose on the life of New York strippers. The idea was to immerse herself into the strip club scene and observe. She went beyond that when a smoking hot Carlita took the stage.

Carlita has a dance routine that would arouse the meat of even the most grizzled patrons of the club. Chelsea needed to interview this woman. The best way to get a strippers attention is to tip. The best way to get them alone is a lap dance. Clinton was planning on using the privacy provided for a lap dance as an opportunity to pose some questions to Carlita.

According to an onlooker when the two ladies left the private area they wiping their lips and adjusting their clothes. Clinton justified what went on in the room as research for her book. But as time went on feelings started to develop. Her book was no longer priority as Chelsea and Carlita would go on Caribbean vacations and train rides through Europe. The two were seen galavanting all over the globe.

Clinton has publicly and categorically denied any kind of relationship with Carlita Carolina and has no knowledge of a strip club named Minx. Maybe we should ask her what her definition of a “relationship” is? As we know specific questions work best. Her denial feels like another time when we heard someone say, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.


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