A Solid 9″ Turd Falls Out Of Stripper’s Butt While Twerking Upside-down On Stage. Requests For Her Lap Dances Have Doubled Since.


Oxnard, CA- Stripper Maryanne “Diamond” Simons is a popular stripper at the Spearmint Rhino (A popular gentlemen’s club in the area), but as of Saturday night she is the must see attraction!

It was just a regular Saturday night as Diamond was dancing to a popular hip-hop song, when things started to take a turn in a new direction. Diamond dropped her bottoms and got on the pole for an upside-down twerk and spin. Well about 10 seconds into her twerking a solid 9 inch turd flung out her butthole. Patrons for some odd reason didn’t seem to mind. Diamond was embarrassed and ran offstage only to be brought back by chants of her name from the crowd.

“The customers really seemed to enjoy what happened on Saturday”, said Diamond. The only problem is no one can predict when the next turd will go flying out her butt. As a result her lap dances have doubled as people are hoping to have a front row seat to her next turd show. “I can only do one turd per night” she said.

With the limited supply of shit, her shows are the latest craze in stripping. People are trying to learn how she does it as much as they want to see her do it.


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