Woman Assaults Couple Who Attempt To Watch A Drive-in Movie On Her Forehead


Ventura, CA- Shelia Carmichael (28) has been arrested following an altercation with a young married couple. Shelia had been staying in her RV in the parking lot of Walmart on S. Victoria Ave. Late Wednesday night Ben and Lisa Williams were leaving a fast food restaurant in the vicinity and decided to take in a movie. Ben is a tech wizard and was eager to try out his new portable projector that he mounted to the roof of his jeep.

Being able to stop and watch a movie when ever I want, well it has been a dream of mine since I was a child”, Ben said. “I saw what appeared to be a large, white canvas to project a movie onto. When I fired up the projector for the impromptu Drive-in movie, a woman came rushing at me and my wife. She was throwing haymakers at each of us. Fortunately my wife is trained in Jujitsu, so she was able to subdue her”.

Sadly, what Ben thought was a perfect surface for a movie, turned out to be the forehead of Shelia Carmichael.

Shelia claims that she saw the bright lights and got spooked. “I saw the lights and I thought ‘oh no, it’s the Po-Po. That’s when I just went for it and started to beat the shit out of whomever was shining the light at me. Next thing I know, some lady has me on the ground choking me out, while some dude was nervously calling the police. I tried to tell the man ‘Nice job on wearing the pants in the family’, but his lady hit me with a sleeper hold and knocked me out”, said Shelia Carmichael.

Shelia is being held at Ventura County Jail on $10k bond. She will be facing charges of assault and battery and terroristic threats. If convicted on all charges she may face up to 3 years in prison.

Ben now carries his own screen in the jeep for when he wants to watch a movie on the fly.


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