The Quebec Chapter Of The Hells Angels Announces Elon Musk As Their Man Of The Year


Quebec, CA- Orion Clemson, the official media relations manager and spokesman for the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels, announced today during a press conference that Elon Musk has been bestowed the title of Man Of The Year by the biker gang.

“Elon Musk was chosen our unanimous winner of Man Of The Year. He encompasses all the values we strive to live by as an outlaw biker gang. His views on the socioeconomic climate in North America set him apart as a true leader. His unwavering and humble views on current affairs, not limited to but including; pandemics, firearm owners and their basic human right to own a gun, the liberal threat, conservatism, free speech, patriotism and nationalism. He is a man we can all look up to”, said Orion Clemson

The award is one of the most prestigious and important yearly awards given out in Canada. Musk joins a long list of visionaries and world leaders to win the award. Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, George Zimmerman, Ted Kaczynski, Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Ted Cruz, O.J. Simpson, Kevin Spacey, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, and Mel Gibson being some of the notable former winners.

This is sure to be just one of many awards Elon is in line for in the coming years. The official presentation and award ceremony has yet to be scheduled.


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