Skeletal Remains Of 53 People With Ties To A 1920’s American Gangster, Have Been Found Buried At The Playboy Mansion


Los Angeles, CA- Reports have come out from the LA county coroners office that 53 bodies have been recovered from the Playboy Mansion property. Early word from inside sources indicate that these bodies are close to 100 years old and predate Hugh Hefner and his lovely ladies. The mansion was originally built in 1927 so the timeline of construction closely mimics the age of the remains found.

Since its inception there have been rumblings that the construction laborers working on the home were in fact on the payroll of Pretty Boy Floyd a well known Mafioso of the time. This was not unusual as many gangsters of the era had their hands in unions and Floyd was no different. Adding together Floyd’s connection to the different unions of the day, investigators believe these bodies are more than likely victims of the criminal underworld.

When looking at original blueprints for the mansion, the bodies were found in a location were an outdoor patio was planned to have been built. That patio was never built and thus neither was the concrete slab that was to further hinder the victims of ever being found.

“It’s never a good day when 53 bodies are found. I will give this investigation all my attention”, Sgt. Detective Grant Heul.

The skeletal remains were found when digging up earth to plant a new array of palm trees and other vegetation. “Not far below the surface, maybe 3 1/2 to 4ft. down we found the remains lined up in a neat, uniformed row. This was not an accident and we believe that their deaths were no accident either. Preliminary autopsy results confirm what we believed on first sight, that all the victims were shot twice in the head which is a popular style of execution among the mafia’s hitmen”, said Sgt. Detective Grant Heul.

“For whatever reason the planned concrete slab and the patio that was to follow never did manifest and all these years later we have unearthed a secret close to 100 years old. It is not known if Floyd knew about this burial or not, as he had many men working for him and was not known to handle cleanup personally”, Sgt. Detective Heul concluded.

The massive 29 room mansion has seen more excitement than most of us will ever see.

At this point the best that can be hoped for is some sort of identification of the bodies, but with so much time and the nature of the crimes it is unlikely that anything of substantial value will ever be gleaned. Stayed tuned to as more of this story unfolds


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