Lottery Winner Escorted Naked Out Of Walmart After Showing Off The New Tattoo Of His Boss’ Face He Got On His Ass


Ventura, CA- Carl Pettimore (37), recently won $317,000 playing the California Super Lotto. Carl has been working at Walmart the last 3 plus years. He’s never enjoyed working there, but it pays the bills and there is always plenty of hours available to work. Every week he spends $20 on quick picks hoping to end his retail days forever. Well, Carl got his wish when he matched 5 out of 6 numbers in the California Super Lotto.

Carl may not be able to retire off of $317k, but he can definitely quit his job and relax for a good while. Having dreamed of this occasion, Carl knew exactly what he was going to do. First he went to a local tattoo shop with a picture of his boss and got it tattooed on his ass. Next he showed up late for his shift on Thursday. Nonchalantly, he strolled into work and proceeded to go directly to the break room and to his locker. Instead of getting ready for work, he started disrobing.

“Carl is becoming something of a legend after that outburst of his. Frank can’t seem to get that image of his face on Carl’s ass out of his head”, Darlene (co-worker) of Carl’s.

Frank Tanner, the store manager was called into the break room while fellow employee’s failed to get to him to keep his clothes on. Frank showed up to the break room just as Carl was dropping his underwear to the floor. “Hey boss, like my new tattoo? Kiss my ass sea-bass!”, Carl said pointing to the portrait of Frank he had tattooed to his ass. “What the fuck is wrong with you Carl?”, said Frank.

By this time the police had been called with warning that an employee may be having had a mental break down and several people were afraid of what he might do next. “I won the lotta you piece of shit and now every time I sit down to take a shit, you’ll be right there with me. Just look”, Carl Pettimore assumed the position in the break room and began to push out a turd when authorities arrived just in time to thwart his attempt at defecating on the break room floor. He was escorted out the front door past employees and customers alike. He was taken to the local mental hospital where after 3 days he will be reevaluated and criminal charges will doled out.

Word from the mental hospital is that Carl is enjoying his 3 day vacation and has plans of a cruise down the coast of Mexico next spring.


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