High School Teacher Forces Student To Insert A Footlong Meatball Marinara Into Her Vagina Before Feeding It To Her.


Kathy Ludlow (26) of San Fernando Vally California, has been arrested Wednesday afternoon after word leaked out on social media that she had had a sexual encounter with one of her students during the final week of summer school. The student who will remain anonymous due to his age, was seen having what appeared to be “consensual” sexual encounter with Ms. Ludlow. Apparently several students walked by her classroom after school this past Tuesday and saw them engaged in sexual activities, at one point a Subway footlong sandwich was introduce into the debauchery.

Now whether or not the sex was consensual matters not. Kathy is an adult and the child is not. She is his teacher and he is her student. “Many moral and ethical boundaries have been destroyed by Ms. Ludlow”, said a co-worker.

The victim claimed that Kathy forced him to take her virginity. “She started coming on to me. She was saying things like, ‘penetrate me with the sandwich and make me a woman’ and ‘take my virginity one meatball at a time’. I froze. I was brought up to respect teachers and authority figures. What happened next was shameful and embarrassing. I was forced to insert a meatball marinara footlong sandwich inside her vagina several times before she made me feed it to her.”, words from Ms. Ludlow’s victim.

Kathy is being held at Los Angeles county jail, where she is expected to stay through the duration of her trail. Kathy Ludlow faces a myriad of charges ranging from; solicitation of a minor all the way up to first degree rape with special circumstances. Maximum sentences from the expected charges could land her in prison for the rest of her natural life.


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