The Let’s Go Brandon Texas Chapter (LGBT), Ran Into Trouble Trying To Trademark Their Initials


Houston, TX- The Texas chapter of Let’s Go Brandon has run into a bit of a speed bump trying to trademark their initials. Shortening a long name to initials for the public to better grasp is marketing 101. For whatever reason the Let’s Go Brandon Texas chapter (LGBT), did not put two and two together. Unknown to the members at time of incorporation, LGBT was already being used by Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered people.

Not a hate group in the traditional sense, The “Brandon” LGBT’s are not opposed to homosexuality or alternative lifestyles per se, it just so happens that only straight white men with no knowledge of LGBT affairs outside their own, are in their club. So it came as a surprise to members that LGBT was already in use.

After consultating with lawyers and law professors alike, The Brandon LGBT’s have decided to forgo their application with the trademark office. “There’s just no way around it”, club president Hugh Maynard said, “We cannot move forward with our proposed LGBT rebranding without mass confusion. It has already been taken by the gays and their friends. We will have to work on an alternative method”.

All hope is not lost though. Many within the club are all in their new proposed initials, LGBTQ (Let’s Go Brandon Texas Qanon’s). Confidence is high that this new iteration will be the one.


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