Former Miss America Contestant Assaults An Uber Driver Who Compliments Her On Her Mustache


Las Vegas, NV- Melissa Clockworth (33), is 10 years removed from wowing people on the beauty pageant circuit. The former Miss Mississippi was a Miss America hopeful in 2010. Since her career as a beauty contestant ended, she has fallen on hard times. Melissa moved to Las Vegas some years back and has been working as a cocktail waitress at some less than desirable casinos.

She got into an Uber after a longs days work one night. 5 minutes into a 7 minute ride the driver, Larry Glansbury complimented her saying, “Your Mustache really brings out your eyes.”. Melissa couldn’t believe what this man had just said to her. She had already spent all day being harassed and grabbed at by men in casinos and now this jackass insults her.

Melissa waited until they arrived at her apartment complex before whacking him over the head several times with her purse. She exited the Uber and made her way to her apartment. Within an hour police arrived to arrest her. The Uber driver filed assault charges and was treated for a concussion at a local hospital.

Larry is recovering at home and Melissa was released on bond this morning. Stay tuned to for more on this story and the stories that matter most to you!


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