Florida Man Breaks Into Salon To Shave Off His Beard


Hank Russel of Miami Florida, was brought into custody late last night after an alarm company called authorities to check out an active alarm going off at a Supercuts salon. Hank had busted through the giant glass window out front and walked directly over to one of the stylists stations.

For reasons unknown, Hank began to shave his beard off. He was apprehended when the job was halfway done. The results of his failed grooming session can be seen in the hilarious mugshot of him where half of his beard is neatly trimmed and gone.

Not intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, police we at a loss for my Hank Russel would risk jail by breaking into a salon just to shave his beard. According to Hank, “It was the angle of the beard. It was off and I just couldn’t help myself”.

Hank pled no contest to the crime of breaking and entering. He will have to pay for the replacement of the broken window and serve 400 hour of community service. This will turn out to be the most expensive shave of his life.


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