Flight Attendant Shames Man’s Small Penis After Walking In On Him Urinating “You Had Better Sit Down With That Little Thing And Pee. I Don’t Want To Clean Up Your Dribble”


Flight 1807 out of Los Angeles, was supposed to be a routine flight to Phoenix, AZ. During the 45 minute flight, flight attendant Clarissa McCloud (38), noticed the door to the lavatory was not shut all the way like it should be while in fligt.

Approaching the lavatory, Clarissa discovered a passenger (name of the passenger is being withheld do to potential civil suit implications) was in fact urinating with the door partially open. The passenger was startled when he turned to discover the door partly open and Clarissa peering down at his equipment. \

“You had better sit down with that little thing and pee. I don’t want to clean up your dribble”, Clarissa told the shocked passenger. The man gave himself one shake and tucked his little guy back in place before returning to his seat.

In the ensuing days, the passenger with the small penis began to raise a stink to with the airline and Phoenix authorities about his “rights not to be penis shamed”. Clarissa was brought in by Maricopa county sheriff’s for questioning. After a perfunctory interview, Clarissa left the interview room chuckling with officers over how the “little pp man was upset”.

The passenger refused to press verbal assault charges once he was told that he would need to tell the entire story in court.


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